Web series are the future of visual content as the format is going places across the world. A story told in an episodic form has garnered all the interest as they allow the audience to get more involved in the subject. Each episode has a shorter run-time than a regular movie and the plot twists at the end of each episode have made web-shows popular amongst the audience.

The trend has not been far behind in our state too as Web-series have done well in Kannada too. On that note, here is a list of 5 movies which had enough content and interesting characters for it to be fleshed out into an episodic format.


Directed by Soori, Tagaru had plenty of interesting characters and incidents which are remembered for long. The non-linear structure impressed everyone and it would be interesting to see how it would perform if made into an episodic format.


Aa Dinagalu


Probably the first film on Bangalore’s underworld, Aa Dinagalu is just a tiny fragment of the whole story. If a web-show has to made on the underworld, then keeping As Dinagalu as the premise would be the most preferred option.



Mufti had two main characters around which the plot travels. It had action, romance, drama and emotion which made into a successful movie. It also had content which can be fleshed out into a web-series and so, this movie can also be made into a web-show.



A breezy love story about 3 friends would be the perfect material for a web-show. Combine with beautiful locales and witty dialogues, Gaalipat would be near perfect as a web-series.

Kirik Party


A coming-of-age story of Karna and his friends with a multitude of escapades in an engineering college will be interesting to watch in the episodic format. The movie held our attention for close to 3 hours and would do the same for 10 episodes too.