Cricket and Cinema are the two major mediums of entertainment for people in India. We have all seen how a merger between these two have become successful in the past. While a few cricketers have clicked with their cameos in movies, the film stars have generated a lot of following whenever they have played cricket.

Widening our spectrum of possibilities, below is a list of a few Kannada movies in which our top cricketers could have been amazing in the lead role.

1. KGF – Virat Kohli

Aggressive, fierce and of course the beard – Virat Kohli could have been apt to play the character of Rocky in KGF. Both the characters match well with their attitude and physique and hence, this could have well been the perfect launchpad for Virat as an actor.

2. Raajakumara – MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni’s calm demeanour and good-boy looks would suit Puneeth’s role in Raajakumara. MS Dhoni is someone who can be liked instantly and this could have been enough to trigger a lot of emotions through his role in the movie.

3. Ugramm – Gautam Gambhir

Ugramm’s protagonist character was carved out in an interesting way. A silent and an introvert character who becomes a hero was liked by many. Gautam Gambhir is someone who would fit that role because of the way he carries himself. Gambhir hardly smiles in public and this element of his character would go well that of the hero in Ugramm.

4. Kirik Party – Yuvraj Singh

A fun loving guy who later becomes mature after a riveting incident in his life is somewhat closer to Yuvraj Singh’s real-life story. Yuvi will click with both the clean-shaven and the beard look which makes him very much apt for this role.

5. Mungaru Male – Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma has a similar build to that of Preetam’s character in Mungaru Male. Rohit could be both jovial and serious with his looks. Hence, if Hitman was to be an actor, Mungaru Male would have been a good film in his kitty.