Web series – a story told in an episodic form is the latest trend in the movie industry. Usually ranging from 5 to 10 episodes in a series (although there are exceptions), each episode could go on from 15 minutes to somewhere close to an hour. With the success of a few web series in the last few years, the platform for this medium is on the rise as many filmmakers are soon shifting their loyalties to the web series.

This trend has started in India as we have seen several Hindi web series released in the recent past. However, the southern languages are yet to make a mark in this field although a few web shows have cropped here and there.

The market for Kannada movies is slowly increasing since the last year as we are now finding producers who are willing to invest big money on our movies. Our filmmakers are also finding different sources of avenue for their movies in the last few years. Hence, at this stage where our movie industry is yet to reach its fullest potential, will the Web series work out in our language?

It is not that Kannada is yet to see its share of web shows. RJ Pradeepa’s Loose Connection is one amongst a host of a few other shows which have already made a mark in our state. To take it the next level, Niveditha Rajkumar is producing a high-budget web series which is set to be a big boost to this platform in the Kannada language. Although we will get one-off hits here and there, is this format viable to perform well in the future is something which can be talked about.

Web series is one format which aims directly at the youngsters or anyone who has access to the internet. With this section of the audience also having access to other content produced across the world, it will definitely be difficult for the Kannada web-series makers to make a mark. Hence, a good marketing strategy with a mind-blowing pilot-episode can give success to this category of filmmakers.

Another aspect which comes in here is the local language and unique culture of our state. Any relatable content goes far ahead in becoming successful and if our makers can concentrate on this, success is guaranteed.

It is a well-known fact that Sandalwood filmmakers are yet to reach their creative potential. A major reason for this is our audience who are tough nuts to crack with novel subjects. The collection goes down and hence the producers hesitate to take up such unique subjects. With lesser money at risk and a more accepting audience, web-series is one way our filmmakers can show their talent. If we can somehow produce such well-made and intelligent shows, the positivity can spill over to our feature movies category too.

The real success in doing any creative art comes when you draw more audience to it. The same stands good for web-series. If the stars in our industry can act in a few of these shows, the reach will increase which will all the more help in making better content. In some cases, it can be useful in reaching the audience outside our state too.

On the hind side, web-series are a threat to our traditional distributors, theatre-owners and workers in different departments in the industry. Web-series work differently and do not employ many departments which are required in making feature films. Hence, a complete shift to this new format is unlikely and may not be possible. By balancing both these forms of cinema, a healthy atmosphere can be maintained in the filmmaking community of our state.

Hence, although web-shows could have a tough time penetrating the audience at the start, they have got a good future. However, a lot of things should be done right for that to happen and also, a healthy balance must be maintained with traditional films too.