If you haven’t come across the trailer of this movie called ‘Vrithra’ as yet, kindly exit from this article, log on to YouTube, spend your valuable 120 seconds on that video and then come back here. For, although we do not have any spoilers ahead, the trailer of Vrithra deserves an immediate watch for its solid content and talent on display.

Hence, ahead of the release of this flick, we are making a bold prediction about this movie. This movie has all the qualities to fall itself into the highly accomplished list that comprises movies such as U-Turn and Shuddhi. So, why exactly and what has made us make this daring statement? Read on to find out more.

A women-oriented movie can become very interesting if made with its heart at the right place. Having watched ‘n’ number of movies in a male’s perspective, a few in a woman’s line of thoughts can be entertaining. Especially if this happens in the ‘thriller’ genre, the excitement is bound to double.

U-Turn and Shuddhi have achieved it in the last couple of years in Sandalwood and going by the trailer of Vrithra, we can soon expect a similarly designed movie in front of us.

Both U-Turn and Shuddhi dealt with socially relevant issues and since the lead protagonist in Vrithra plays a cop, an awareness about another important problem might be waiting for us on October 11th.

Neo-noirs are increasing in Sandalwood and Vrithra has also been conceptualized in this style. This is a proven concept and we feel the makers of Vrithra would have excelled in this aspect.

Hence, based on the successful trajectory that Vrithra is following ahead of its release, we feel this movie will be a winner just like U-Turn and Shuddhi.