It has been a while since Sandalwood has served us with a quality off-beat movie. However, the trailer of Vrithra made many feel that this drought would soon see an end on October 11th. Directed by R Gautham Iyer, the movie stars Nithya Shri, Sudha Rani and Prakash Belawadi in prominent roles.Cinematographed by the highly acclaimed photographer Auditya Venkatesh, let us now find out if this movie managed to entertain the audience at the theatres.

Gautham Iyer has tried to offer something different from the word go. He casts Nithya Shri as a fresher cop, who yearns for a case of her own. However, when she does land a simple case for herself, she uncovers a series of clues that makes her assignment more intriguing. How this gets connected to the title of the movie ,well, this is something that you can find out only at the theatres.

Although the plot does not seem entirely novel, Gautham leaves a mark with his execution and stylized taking. The twists and turns in the narrative are impressive and they will keep you engaged until the final credit rolls down.

Nithya Shri has a plum role to play in her debut outing. She impresses with her screen presence and has shown good promise of a bright future. The rest of the cast have done a fine job too.

Auditya’s foray into movies can be considered successful. His techniques in showcasing the director’s vision is commendable. DA Vasanth’s BGM is also worth mentioning here. His score does elevate a few scenes.

Overall, Vrithra is a commendable effort and deserves a watch this weekend.

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