Critic’s Rating: 3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

Sunil Kumar Desai is the synonym of suspense in Sandalwood because of the legendary director’s previous movies. This time, he has gone ahead with two non-Kannada actors in lead roles and has carved out “Udgarsha” which was released first huge expectations on Friday. Sudeep’s voiceover in the trailer has helped widen the reach of the movie and let us find out if the movie does well in the theatres.

Unlike his previous movie “Re” which deviated from his strength, Sunil Kumar Desai has now decided to stick on with his forte which is that of “Suspense Thrillers”. Udgarsha is a good comeback for the experienced director and can be enjoyed on a weekend. Here is the review of the movie.

The movie starts with Thakur Anoop Singh planning to propose to Sai Dhansika at a party. However, a corpse is found at the party and soon, Dhansika goes missing too. The major crux of the plot involves Thakur Anoop’s search for his love. There are multiple twists thrown on which manages to keep the audience engaged. There is also a lot of action scenes in the movie which suits the action-hero image of the lead actor.

Coming to the acting, the lead actor has done a good job with their roles. While Thakur Anoop Singh can expect a few more offers coming his way, Dhansika will also be remembered for her role. Tanya Hope and Kishore have done a decent job as the supporting actors.

The only cause of concern for the movie could be the high number of action scenes. They seem to halt the momentum of the movie and the twists run the risk of losing its fizz. Cinematography and music could have been better but it is well in line with the plot.

Sunil Kumar Desai has yet again proved his mettle in handling such scripts and Udgarsha could go on to become as a decent film released this year.