The trailer of the much-awaited Pailwaan released a few hours ago and boy, the 114-second extravaganza is making waves across social media.

Our expectations have hit the rooftop ever since the trailer was out and we can’t do much but to keep ourselves excited until the 12th of September.

On that note, here is a detailed analysis of what we felt about the trailer.

The Baadshah

Pailwaan Review

A fitter and more handsome version of Kiccha Sudeep is what has impressed us the most in the trailer. The talented actor is coming after a long gap and it seems that his portrayal of a wrestler could be one of the major milestones in his career.

Top-class Visuals

Pailwaan Review

Being a cinematographer himself, Director Krishna should be commended for the brilliant visuals that he has come out with. Be it the tone or the usage of lights, the DOP of Mungaru Male looks to be in good form in this movie.

The master composer

Pailwaan Review

Having already impressed us with the songs, Arjun Janya’s BGM in the trailer is terrific and is sure to elevate several heroic sequences in the movie.

An engrossing story

Pailwaan Review

Going by trailer, Pailwaan seems to have a solid story in place. The reason for a wannabe-National wrestler turning into a UFC-style kickboxer has already aroused curiosity amongst the audience.

Will the movie work in other languages?

Pailwaan Review

Having talked about the content in the trailer, it must be admitted that Pailwaan might find it hard to escape comparisons with Bollywood flick Sultaan. Hence, although it could be a trendsetter in Sandalwood, positive word-of-mouth is vital for Kiccha to succeed on a pan-India level.