Prem is one of the very few directors who have achieved a cult following amongst the Kannada audience. His rise to stardom is inspiring and his movies have always related well with the audience.

So, here we are, listing down the Top 5 movies of the talented individual.

5. Raaj – The Show Man

Prem’s first movie with Puneeth Rajkumar also included the director’s trademark elements. Had the flick been tweaked with a better screenplay, this movie could have done wonders at the box-office.

4. The Villain

Yes, the movie might not have fulfilled the expectation of the fans but this flock did connect well with the majority of the audience at the end of the movie. Most importantly, Prem was able to satisfy both the fans of Sudeep & Shivanna.

3. Kariya

Darshan appeared in a role that was tailor made for him. And, Prem introduced is to his unique vision, with his characteristic execution of this story. Overall, this flick was the best debut movie by any director in our industry.

2. Execuse Me

Ajay Rao, Sunil & Ramya starred in one of the best triangle love stories in Sandalwood. The mother sentiment inside the movie was also week received. The music was an added bonus to the entire proceedings.

1. Jogi

Well, it is hard to forget the impact that this movie left on the industry. Prem made sure every department in this movie succeeded to perfection, thereby giving rise to a memorable movie for the fans.