Although the previous season of Big Boss was good at certain parts, it failed to give us what we expect the most out of this show. Entertainment. The earlier seasons of the show gave us plenty of moments to laugh and we want the same to repeat for the upcoming season. We want one entertainer in the house in the lines of contestants such as Huchcha Venkat, Olle Huduga Pratham, Arun Sagar or Srujan Lokesh. While very few could fulfil such entertainers, we have one man in our mind who can be equally impactful. It is none other than our very own Bidadi Nithyanand Swamy.

The opinion about this man was that of anger a couple of years ago. However, thanks to his eccentric and LOL-filled videos of him in recent times, we have genuinely started to enjoy this person as an entertainer. Although we have seen a few Swamijis in the past in the Big Boss house, bringing in Nithyananda could bring a whole new dimension to the reality show. His expertise in astrophysics, biology, and science is sure to leave us in splits and we cannot wait for that to happen.

However, convincing the man-in-demand to come to the Big Boss house might be a difficult task but as seen in the past, the makers of this show do have a history of giving in to the audience’s demand. Our job is very simple now. Trend the hashtag #NithyanandaforBB6 and make it fall into the ears of the men at the helm at the show and put in our effort to watch Nithyananda on the small screen.