“Bigg Boss,” one of the most successful shows of the small screen industry has already completed 6 seasons in Kannada and many more in other languages.

It’s all about a bunch of people living in a house isolated from the outside world. They are supposed to live in harmony and complete the given tasks, but the harmony part keeps on depleting as the shows move forward.

Today let us look back and see from where this Bigg Boss really came from.

Where did it all start?


The big boss is actually derived from a Dutch reality television game show called the ‘Big Brother’ and it runs with the same name in most of the countries. The Big Brother was created by John De Mol Jr and first broadcasted in the Netherlands.

When was the first episode aired?

The first episode of the Big Brother was aired on 16th of September 1999 in the Netherlands by a channel named Veronica.

From where did this concept come from?

It is said that the show was inspired and is based on a novel called ‘Nineteen Eighty Four’ written by an English Author George Orwell.

Adoption from the book


The story is based in the year 1984 as the title itself says, civilisation is damaged by war, civil war and revolution. The whole civilisation is ruled by a mysterious leader called the “Big Brother”. Nobody has seen him, yet there are rumours and posters that say “Big Brother is watching you”.

The same concept is adopted where the Bigg Boss becomes the mysterious leader and the camera that says that you are being watched.

Logo – The EYE


The logo of Bigg Boss is also adopted from Big Brother which is the eye depicting that you are being watched. This concept is also taken from the novel 1984 where the party had posters that said: “Big Brother is watching you”.



Even though Big Brother’s first season wasn’t exactly a hit, it still prompted its own lawsuit. Chicago attorney Marvin Rosenblum filed a copyright infringement suit against CBS, its then-parent company Viacom, and Orwell Productions, Inc. for reportedly stealing the name for the show from George Orwell’s classic novel 1984. In his suit, he also alleged that the constant cameras in Big Brother drew from the heavy surveillance featured 1984.

How was the first season of Big Brother?

It’s is said that the first season when it started the house was very basic and the facilities were also very limited which added a survivalist element to show, increasing the potential for social tension.

International Expansion

Most of the countries today have their own version of Big Brother, most of them have gone with the same name but in India, it goes with the ‘Bigg Boss’ and has 7 versions of it in different languages.