Released a few weeks ago, teaser 2 of the movie Avane Srimannarayana has created a storm on social media. Along with teaser 1, the promotional content of the flick released so far have just made us start counting the days left for the movie to release.

Avane Srimannarayana boasts of a highly creative and intelligent team and going by the content of the Teasers, we can expect a strong story and an engaging screenplay which would keep us hooked throughout the duration of the movie. To find out what could be in store for us, our team at Creative Guyz got into the task of analyzing the breakdown of Teaser 1 & 2. Boy! We came across a few hidden clues about the movie’s story placed intelligently in these videos and without wasting much time, here are the 9 Hidden Clues in the Teaser 1 and Teaser 2 of Avane Srimannarayana which will give you some vital information about the story of the movie.

1. The chamber that Rakshit lights…

At the end of teaser 2, we can see Rakshit lighting a chamber and this is exactly the same space that was established in the Shot 1 of Teaser 2. This chamber probably belongs to the antagonist and we can also see the painting of the villain’s father (who dies at the start of Teaser 2) in this chamber.

2. The theme of the flick

In one of the posters of the movie, we can see the hero emerge out tearing up a cloth. If observed closely, the cloth looks like a map and that suggests Avane Srimannarayana could well be a movie based on a treasure hunt. Achyut Kumar’s character trying to dig something in teaser 2 just reiterates this stance.

3. Samudra Manthana

We can see a Samudra Manthana drama being played in teaser 2 and a few elements are also found in the cloth that the hero emerges out from (Refer Point 2). Well, Rakshit and team might well be cooking something very unique for us.

4. The Curry Western elements found in the Teaser

The sequences set in pubs, shots involving dacoits suggest that Avane Srimannarayana could belong to the Curry Western genre of cinema.

5. The political party with a 3 fingered-hand symbol

While we see a 3 fingered-hand symbol on a flag in teaser 1, Pramod Shetty seems to be the founder of this party as he emerges out which just 3 fingers on his right hand. The reason for this is revealed in Teaser 2 when Pramod Shetty’s 2 fingers are chopped off by Balaji Manohar’s character.

6. Shanvi’s profession in the movie

Shanvi Srivastava is seen developing a photograph in a studio in Teaser 2 while she was seen with a video camera in Teaser 1. Hence, Shanvi could well be playing a photographer or an investigative journalist in the movie.

7. The Ultimate Arc of Heroism

As the title of Teaser 2 (Rise of a Hero) suggests, Rakshit’s character could undergo a big transition from a jovial, irresponsible policeman to someone who stands up for his people. The setting of the flick along with Achyuth Kumar’s words in the background of Teaser 2 suggests the same.

8. Establishment of the Antagonist

Balaji Manohar’s character is clearly established at the start of Teaser 2. He is given a “big” responsibility by his father on his death-bed and going by Rakshit’s act of lighting the villain’s chamber at the end of teaser 2, we can expect a strong conflict in Avane Srimannarayana.

9. Delay in Release of Teaser 2

As we all know, the teaser 2 of Avane Srimannarayana was supposed to release at 6pm on June 6th. However, there was an unforeseen delay (Told by the makers!) and the teaser was eventually released at midnight. Beyond expectations, this could have actually been away by the Team of Avane Srimannarayana to reveal a vital element about Rakshit Shetty’s character in the movie. Rakshit plays a witty, jovial policeman who takes things lightly during the initial parts of the movie. He is not punctual in his job and that is exactly what the makers might have intended to tell by releasing the teaser a few hours later than the announced time.