At one point of time, Suri had planned to drop Kaage Bangara, which was a prequel to his directorial Kendasampige. Suri would come out with Kaage Bangara, which is meant to be part 1 of the Kendasampige series, and in fact, he had decided to take it up as his next project. He is also getting ready to shoot Kaage Bangara, while the shooting for Suri’s Popcorn Monkey Tiger gets ready for its fourth schedule later this month.

Bald look with the word ‘Monkey’ carved on his pate turned out to be a sensation. However, there has been a lot of speculation about his upcoming projects, with rumours around that he will be associating with Sudeep for a film. Suri reveals that he also has a script that would fit Darshan and if everything goes according to the plan, he would like to take forward a project with the ‘Challenging Star’.

Kaage Bangara is thus the first planned prequel amongst the South Indian movies. The film will be a joint venture of Ajay Pictures and Parimala Factory.