After being accused of a crime he didn`t commit, a man flees from his hometown and assumes a false identity. He finds refuge in the house of a woman named Padma, and soon finds out that the story of her past is strangely related to his own.



Release Date:

10 May 2019

Starring: Hariprriya, Yashwanth Shetty

Director: Mounesh Badiger

Producer: Abhijith Kotegar

Music: Bhinna Shadja

Cinematographer: Ashok V Raman

The Padmashree award given to a renowned poet goes missing. Protagonist Yashwanth Shetty is on the run and finds shelter in a housing colony in Chitradurga town. The colony is home to different individuals who are struggling to find their own identities. Yashwanth accidentally lands in the house of Padma (Haripriyya) who is stuck in an abusive relationship. The colony also has a flower seller (Chaithra Kotoor), who is also an aspiring actor struggling to make it big in the tele-serial world. Yashwanth has a past he is trying to run from. Constables probing the lost Padmashree award enter the colony. Thus, the curtain goes up on a drama filled with misunderstandings, revelations, and the characters finding their purpose in life. Fate brings their lives together and we see that there’s much more than meets the eye.