Critic’s Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

Very few movies make the right noise from the very start of the promotional activities. Soojidaara is one such flick which managed achieve this feat as the expectations were taken sky-high after the poster, teaser and the trailer was released in the last month. Directed by Mounish Badiger, Soojidaara has Hariprriya, Yashwanth Shetty and Achyuth Kumar playing prominent roles in the movie. With so many expectations around the movie, let’s now find out if the flick manages to impress the audience at the theatres.

Firstly, an extremely challenging subject has been selected by the makers. The film is basically an adaptation of Ramayana in the modern era. There are three main characters in the movie and the happenings around them take the proceedings forward in the movie.

While one character is that of an aspiring actress, the other two involve a person who is on the run and a housewife who is in an abusive relationship. All these characters have definite arcs and hence, at the end of the movie, you feel satisfied with the experience.

The story has been weaved nicely around incidents involving these characters which manage to keep hold of your attention throughout the run-time. Soojidara does possess one of the best stories in Kannada films releases this year.

Hariprriya is a wonderful performer and with Soojidaara, she has taken her performance a notch higher. A character with a lot of inner struggles was portrayed easily by the “Beauty Queen” and a lot of awards could follow her next year. Although most of the other actors are from the theatre background, they have done well too.

Music has been handled well in the movie and elevates the impact of the movie. The camera work is neat and the tone of the film has been brought out beautifully. Editing is also decent.

Overall, Soojidaara is definitely the movie to watch this weekend.