Drawing the audience to the theatres is a task that is multifold difficult now than it was a few years ago, maybe half a decade earlier. Reason – One, the progression of a Sandalwood viewer’s perception towards cinema and two, the rise in usage of OTT platforms. Both these factors are interlinked and when the case presents itself in front of our star-heroes, there is a definite need for a change, not a tectonic shift but at least a paradigm shift towards offering quality content on the big screen.

So, do our star-heroes really need to change their approach in the coming days? This question is hard to answer but yes, the word ‘Change’ must be considered.

In fact, our star-heroes have a few more months to actually incorporate these changes unlike the demigods of our neighbouring industries who have already burnt their hands in persisting with the tried-and-tested formula. Amazon, Netflix & Hotstar are slowly getting into the base of Sandalwood with few of our movies featuring on these sites consistently. The count is sure to increase in the coming days and the time is not long before our audience-base actually divides into two.

Content is the priority now. Viewers opt for a quality screen-time rather than just enjoying their favourite heroes bash a few goons on a regular basis. OTT platforms offer this & hence, the change. The audience has also been fed with generous doses of quality content coming from other languages, which has increased their expectations of seeing something of that sort take to get made in their native language.

So, how can our star-heroes adapt to this ‘Change’?

It is very simple. Change the approach of selecting their scripts. Of course, the commercial demands might force a hero to select a plot that caters to his fan base. However, this idea could become one-dimensional and novelty would never come into the picture. So, to start off, our heroes must start picking up subjects which apart from justifying their image, should also attend to a few pressing socio-economic issues in a creative way. They can also shrug off their mass-image by choosing characters that redefine the structure of general ‘troupes’ of filmmaking in Sandalwood.

It is hard to tell this. But, in the end, movie-making is a business and it has to be made sure that producers do not end up with sever losses. Hence, the talent in the industry could come to the forefront here, by optimizing the risk & producing great content at the same time.