Across India & certain parts of the world too, the yearn to recreate a character on the lines of Sherlock Holmes has been omnipresent. However, the success rate has been very low.

Nonetheless, the attempts keep cropping up often. Shivaji Surathkal – Ramesh Aravind’s 101st film is the latest participant in this race.

The movie made its way to the theatres this Friday and here is a review of the much-awaited film.

Shivaji Surathkal is a whodunit thriller – laced with both horror and suspense elements in abundance. With regards to the story, this movie is about the mysterious death of a influential home minister’s son at a resort, located in the intriguing border town of Ranagiri. Shivaji handles this case and along with struggles regarding his past, he tries to uncover this ‘bizzare’ case.

Akash Srivatsava has truly made a successful comeback to the movie biz. He has successfully written a slick thriller , with loads of twists and plot points to keep the audience engaged. Of course, he scores brownie points for his vision and attempt to actually transfix the audience with the proceedings.

Ramesh Aravind, in a role that he has not tried before, has done an excellent job. While his looks still draw the ‘wow’ from the audience, Ramesh’s intense acting skills and dialogue delivery make it for satisfying experience for the viewers. Although Radhika has a limited role, she makes an impact with her terrific acting skills. On the other hand, Arohi’s role turns out to be crucial in the story and she delivers with her performance.

Judah Sandy proves why he is one of the most promising talents in the industry with this movie. His BGM is terrific and lifts the experience to a whole new level. The cinematography is also a plus point and gives a fresh and unique touch to the happenings.

Overall, this movie is definitely a must-watch for all the audience, who have been waiting for solid content-oriented Kannada movies at the theatres.

Rating : 3.5