Happening star Rishi is back with his third movie titled Sarvajanikarige Suvarnavakasha, which has hit the screens today. Directed by debutante Anoop Ramaswamy, the story has been penned by Gultoo fame Janardhan Chikkanna. While Dhanya Balakrishnan makes her Sandalwood debut with this flick, seasoned actors such as Dattatreya, Shalini, and Mithra have also essayed prominent roles in this movie. The movie was at the centre of extensive promotions and let us now find out if Rishi has bagged a ‘Hat-Trick’ in his Sandalwood career.

Anoop has a different take on things happening around us and presents us with a comical and enjoyable tale about love and life. In a fight, Dhanya loses a necklace which was gifted by her mother. Rishi’s objective is set here as he now has to arrange funds to afford a necklace for his love. He takes different routes, including the betting arena and even taking the help of a politician to achieve his goal. What ensues forms the crux of the plot.

The makers have only layered their product with a generous dose of situational comedy but at the core, we have a responsible tale about life. Valid messages come at the end of the movie and prove to be a fitting tale to the plot. Janardhan Chikkanna has written a sensible story and Anoop has brought it to life in an effective way.

Rishi yet again delivers a strong performance in the movie. While his looks mesmerize, his acting skills are on point here. He is suitably aided by debutante Dhanya, who has done a good job too. The supporting cast also has done justice to their roles.

The makers could have added more twists and turns to the plot to make the proceedings more interesting. Apart from this, the movie stands well on itself. Music by Midhun is good, with a couple of songs bound to remain in your heads. Cinematography is in line with the genre while the editing is on point too.

This movie has good, enjoyable moments led by a fine group of actors. So, if you are out for a movie this weekend, this flick must stand at the top of the list.

Rating: 3.5