As part of our industry’s growth to its fullest potential, we need movies of all genres to be made consistently. However, similar to the way it is happening in Bollywood and Kollywood, Sandalwood also needs its share of quality female-oriented movies. Such movies have become scarce in recent times although we have talented actresses who are capable of drawing people to the theatres with their skills on screen.

On that note, here are 5 such actresses who can restart and carry the bandwagon of women-centric flicks in our industry.

1. Radhika Pandit


Well, amongst the actresses of this generation, Radhika is the seniormost to the industry. She is talented and has a loyal fan-base in the state. Radhika is also known to be shrewd while picking her scripts and hence, she should be the ideal heroine to restart the trend of female-oriented movies in Karnataka.

2. Raagini Dwivedi


Raagini has done solo movies in the past and has been fairly successful. She has got the looks and talent to pull off quality women-centric movies in Kannada.

3. Hariprriya


Hariprriya has been in fine form both with her choice of scripts and acting skills. She has done a few female-oriented movies thus far and will be expected to take forward this genre in KFI.

4. Sruthi Hariharan


She is undoubtedly a phenomenal talent and if a solid script comes her way, we could see the rise of Shruthi Hariharan as a wonderful actress.

5. Shraddha Srinath


Her talent is unparalleled and with U-Turn, she gained an immense following in the movie-going community of our state. Shraddha is well-known across other industries as well and if our makers can cast her as the lead protagonist in one of their movies, there is potential for the widening of Sandalwood’s market.