Remakes are a part an parcel of every film industry. With so many different stories being told in different languages, it makes sense for the movie to be remade in other languages to widen the story’s reach. However, in some cases, remakes are used as a tool which gets over-exploited. Hence, a few remakes fail and bring loss to the industry. The major reason for failure could be the inability to translate a story from a different culture and a language to entirely new horizons.

On that note, here are 5 remakes which should have been avoided in our Industry.

1. Bodyguard

A remake of the Malayalam superior of the same title, Bodyguard was also made in a lot of other languages too. While it was a decent success in other languages, the movie was a failure in Sandalwood. Jaggesh was not able to justify the character and the audience failed to catch the emotions which were felt in the original. Had a bigger star and a better budget been used for this movie in Sandalwood, Bodyguard could have been successful here too.

2. Power Star

A remake of Telugu Hit Dookudu, Puneeth Raj Kumar reached closer to the family audience with this movie. However, the makers remained very loyal to the original and hardly improvised the script here. Moreover, Dookudu itself had a beaten-to-death story and a remake could have been avoided.

3. Eno Onthara

A remake of the classic Kushi, Ganesh and Priyamani were unable to replicate the actors in the original. Most importantly, there was a very big gap between the original and the remake which led to the incidents and emotions which was successful in the original become a failure in the remake.

4. Manasu Mallige

A remake of Marathi super-hit Sairat, Manasu Mallige was notched below the original in delivering the heart-wrenching content. The makers should have concentrated on the core of the film than just translating the incidents.

5. Chatrapathi

Not many know that this Rajamouli classic of the same name was made in Sandalwood too. With such a powerful content in hand, the makers could have chosen a bigger star or a higher budget to remake the movie. However, the best option could have been to not touch the classic itself.