From the theatres to laptops to smartphones. Will the reduction in the size of the movie-watching screen have an effect on the movie viewing experience in the future. And how will the same affect the way movies would get made in the future? Read on to find out more.

Probably a decade ago, the only option to view visual content was on the big screen. Although there was an option to catch a movie in the television a few months after its release, the primary option was always the theatres. However, the trend has changed now. Due to the rise in online streaming services, the first viewing option for may movies could be on our laptops or even on our mobile screens. Basically, this trend is surely going to be the future and hence, there is a possibility that the entire dynamics of filmmaking could change because of this.

For an instance, take a Sandalwood movie and measure how it could have performed had it been released simultaneously on the big screen and the small screen. A movie like Tagaru will definitely be a better performer at the theatres than the small screen. The realistic taking, entertaining songs and witty dialogues will do better in a theatre environment. Although it would make a good watch on TV too, the impact would be far lesser.
That brings us to the point that it is very difficult to make a product keeping in mind the screen on which it would be watched. However, if the content is good, it would click no matter when and where it is watched. The other aspects like the production quality , the star-euphoria, the audio output would definitely be compromised on the small screen but that is the way how it is.

How will this shift in screen size affect the way a movie is made? This is a debatable topic as a major point of consideration would as to where the movie would release first. If it’s in a theatre, the formula is already present but if it is on the small screen, things need to be tackled differently. Viewers have the option to stop or pause a movie on the small screen and hence, the content and the script will be of the utmost importance here. Yes, the cinematography and the editing will still have an impact here as the story needs to be conveyed more effectively here. However, if a stage arises when movies would get released on the small screen and the big screen together, the preference has to be given to the big screen as that is where more money would be made.
Overall, visual medium is such a platform that if the content is good enough, it would click anywhere and everywhere.