Every coin has two faces. In most cases, these two faces are likely to be on the opposite ends. This is especially relevant to the emergence of social media. On one hand, this has helped us improve our lives in many ways and on the other disgusting end, social media has triggered hatred & negativity in ways unimagined.

Ever since her debut, Kirik Party actress Rashmika Mandanna has been at the focal point of this adversity. Social media trollers, especially a few meme pages have taken her to the cleaners with abusive posts very often. Although the 23-year-old actress had kept her cool, ignoring these posts, on November 7th, she let out her frustration and angst at this unpleasant situation.

A particular post was done by a troll page in bad taste. Rashmika took to her Instagram handle and gave a proper reply to the online hooligans with a very well-composed message.

Here is what she wrote on her Instagram story:

Online Bullying is a serious offense as it has the ability to impact a person in a very negative way. Celebrities have always been victims of this and it is high time that we think twice before posting something on social media.