It has been a while since the trailer of Ranganayaki got released on YouTube a couple of weeks ago. The Dayal Padmanabhan-directorial has finally hit the screens today, on the occasion of Kannada Rajyotsava. Apart from what looked like a socially relevant trailer, the extension to the legendary title Ranganayaki- Volume 1 & Virginity evoked a decent amount of interest too. Aditi Prabudeva, MG Srinivas and Trivikram have played the lead characters in this movie.

This movie has placed a line perfectly in the middle of a commercial entertainer and a documentary/off-beat cinema. At no point during the movie would you feel that this movie has been categorized into one specific treatment, although the inclination of the director towards the documentary side may impress you at times.

At the center of this movie is the situation when the protagonist Aditi Prabudeva becomes a rape victim. The prelude and the after-effects of this incident form the crux of the story. This incident also serves as a transformation point for most of the characters.

Aditi takes on the social effects of living as a rape victim as one of her main issues that need an address in the community. She does it brilliantly, with her impactful dialogue delivery and spot-on expressions. Dayal needs applause here for aptly casting here and conceiving a few powerful dialogues.

MG Srinivas and Trivikram have also done well in their respective roles. Especially, Srinivas has got a more arc-filled character to portray, which he does with elan.

The rest of the technical departments have done a fine job too. Music is in line with the genre and BGM has been used to highlight a few scenes. DOP & Editor have fulfilled the vision of the director in a fine way.

Overall, this weekend, Ranganayaki seems to be the best option for you at the cinemas and there is no doubt that you will be more than mildly entertained.