Starring Aditi Prabhudeva, MG Srinivas and Trivikram in the lead roles, Ranganayaki is popular filmmaker Dayal Padmanabhan’s latest offering to Sandalwood. Produced by Yes Vee Entertainment, the trailer of the movie has created curiosity amongst the audience and has all the qualities to become a successful movie in our industry.

However, it has been the daring attempt by the makers in certain aspects (especially the title) which has made this movie special and worth waiting for. Very few movies take this risk and going by the talk that is happening around this movie, the risk is all set to be paid off.

Starting with the title of the movie, Ranganayaki is an iconic Sandalwood film and if someone has to re-title their movie with this name, the content inside the flick has to be worth it. Moreover, Ranganayaki of the earlier era dealt with a very sensitive issue and the audience arriving at the theatres could be in a similar mindset with respect to the happenings on the big screen. Will the makers justify the impactful title? Well, only time can tell.

In a country like India, the word ‘Virginity’ is a taboo topic. By including this word in your main title, the family audience might think twice before buying tickets for this movie. However, if the makers have still gone ahead with his word in the title, the content inside the movie has to be really special.

This upcoming flick has been promoted as the ‘Volume 1’ in Ranganayaki’s story. That means there could be a sequel in the offing and by announcing this way before the release of the first part, the makers have shown good confidence about the content they are about to tell.

Well, if the title of the movie itself has so much to talk about, imagine the story that Dayal could have in store for us.