One of the most talented actors in the industry, going by the recent turn of events, Ramesh Aravind could all be set to start his second innings in his movie career. The decisions taken by the gifted actor in recent times has prompted this assumption by us.

Ramesh Aravind’s upcoming movie, Akash Srivatsa directorial ‘Shivaji Surathkal’ has already impressed the audience with its intriguing teaser and novel content. Not only will it be a bright spot in Ramesh Aravind’s career, but the movie will also help Sandalwood raise its standards and widen its market in the coming months. The most surprising thing is that Ramesh has not experimented with such a movie in his last 100 movies and with him extremely focussed on his upcoming movie, the writing is on the wall that we could see a different version of our ‘yesteryear heartthrob’ in the coming days.

Ramesh has picked up a ‘Sherlock Holmes’ kind of a character and using his varied looks, the actor has added a unique dimension to the character. Moreover, Ramesh has played a character that is closer to his age and at a time in the industry when the audience is big-time favourites of commercial potboilers, the kind of script that has been chosen by the actor is likely to provoke our thoughts and inspire more such movies in this genre.

— Shivaji Surathkal Teaser —