Undoubtedly, Rakshit is one of the best actor-directors currently plying their trade in Sandalwood. After 3 long years, the talented individual is coming up with his next – Avane Srimannarayana that is all set to hit the theatres soon.

ASN is releasing with huge expectations and it is likely that this film could churn big money at the box-office across the country.

It is indeed an inspiring journey for Rakshit, who has achieved all of this without any godfather in the industry. The reason which has helped him sustain so far has been his impeccable character, from which a lot of us can learn and grow in a positive way.

1. Humble & Modest

If you observe Rakshit in all of the interviews that he has given so far, the Kirik Party actor’s humility and modesty in the way he speaks and behaves will woo you. Well, this quality is something all of us can inculcate in ourselves to grow higher in life.

2. Solid Determination

Many actors could have quit after a disastrous debut like Tughlak. However, Rakshit held on and we all know the level he is at right now.

Avane Srimannarayana Teaser 1

3. A Perfect Team Player

Rakshit keeps all his individual awards at his office unlike many of them who prefer to keep them at their houses. As Rakshit himself says, the credit for all these rewards goes to his team members more than to himself.

4. The ‘Never Say Die’ Attitude

After a stuttery start to his career, Rakshit worked hard to make his way up to the to of the ladder, a journey which could motivate all of us to never give up.

5. Self-Confidence

Rakshit firmly believes in his efforts and this is always reflective in the output. An individual cannot do this without a bundle of self-confidence, oodles of which Rakshit is an owner of.

Avane Srimannarayana Teaser 2