Itihaasa Productions venture ‘Rahadaari’ had aroused curiosity because of its interesting title a few days ago. On the occasion of Deepavali, the makers of the movie released the first-look theme poster on the flick. Director Girish Vyramudi revealed that his team has tried to tell the entire story of the movie in this poster.

We, at Creative Guyz, tried to analyse this movie based on a ‘Crazy Robbery’ and here are a few findings which we found interesting.


Old is Gold

Plenty of clues have been given that this movie is set somewhere in the previous century. The words ‘Old is Gold’ and ‘Since 1920’ suggest that this movie could be fall into the ‘retro’ genre.

A Tale of 7 Characters

3 women & 4 men. 6 characters on one side of the cigarette pack and a solitary woman on the other side. We already know that Shwetha Srivatsava is playing the role of a cop in the movie. Could she be the only obstacle between the 6 robbers and their motive ? Let’s wait and watch.

Smoking is Injurious to Health

Never before have seen a movie poster focussing so intently on a cigarette pack. Well, is this a clue to what the movie could be all about ? A couple of diamonds stashed within a cigarette may be. Only our assumption though.

3 Plot Points = 3 Bullets ?

Alhough it could seem far-fetched, there are possibilities that the 3 bullet-shots showcased on the cigarette pack could arrive at three important junctures in the movie. Again, all of these bullet-shots look fresh and jeopardizes our predictions.

A Ripple in Water

If you observe closely, there seems to be a ripple around the place where the cigarette pack has been kept. This can only happen in water. So, could ‘water’ be playing an important role in this movie ? Keep guessing.