Critic’s Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

Television producer Shruthi Naidu has entered the movie industry and Premier Padmini is her first offering. A lot of has been discussed about this movie as Premier Padmini has released amidst big expectations this Friday. Ramesh Indira has directed this movie which stars Jaggesh, Madhoo, Sudharanani, Hitha Chandrasekhar and Pramod in prominent roles.

The movie starts off with Vinayaka, played by Jaggesh struggling in his life due to the ongoing divorce battle with his short-tempered wife. His worm-like is also not that great as he meets a driver, Nanjudi during this crisis. Vinayaka also gets close to his unwed neighbour as the relationship turns promising. There is also a young couple who are confused with the state of affairs.

Ramesh Indira has picked up a sensitive subject for Premier Padmini. Not many Sandalwood flicks have explored human relationships in the past and Premier Parking has done that to perfection. Every character is important in this story as each of them gives you a different angle to a relationship. The dialogues also make a mark in this movie.

Jaggesh, as Vinayaka has nailed his character to perfection. He allowsthe audience to empathise with him and that is where he scores the brownie points. The rest of the cast have also done justice to their roles.

Music has been handled well in this movie. Not many songs are present although a few of them are there in suitable situations. The BGM reflects the tone of the film in the most perfect manner. There is an absence of the flashy shots which is right as this is a realistic movie. The cinematography does well in that aspect. The movie is very crisp and hence becomes more effective in conveying the content.

Overall, Premier Padmini is just the right movie to watch if you are not a fan of the Avengers.