The Deepavali Poster of Gultoo Fame Naveen Shankar and Aishani Shetty’s next has been released. This poster happens to be the first-look of the movie, also revealing the much-awaited title of the flick. The makers have chosen an interesting title – ‘Dharani Mandala Madhyadolage’, for their movie. Sridhar Shanmuka is making his debut as a director with this movie.

The poster looks impressive and promises a fun-filled entertainer to the audience. There seems to be a lot of depth within this poster. On that note, here are a few more details about this first-look.


At the Centre of Earth

‘Dharani Mandala Madhyadaloge’ is a line picked up from the famous fable ‘Punyakoti’. Also, legendary filmmaker Puttanna Kanagal had directed a movie with this title in 1983. That movie showcased plenty of societal values told through the lives of three thick-layered characters. Will the upcoming flick also follow the same template? Well, only time can tell. The film’s tagline of ‘Life is a Game of Time’ builds curiosity too.

Bengaluru Explored

The first thing that draws our attention to the poster is the number of Iconic Bengaluru locations that have been picturized. Vidhana Soudha, High Court, Iskcon Temple, UB City, Wonder La, and Metro have all been included here. This movie has given us the impression that a ‘cult’ Bengaluru movie could be in store for us.

Spliced in Half!

The makers have stayed true to their title in their first-look. The earth spliced in half and the events arranged above it is a creative idea and deserves appreciation to start with.

Plethora of Characters

An accident, a chase, a couple on the run & two newcomers to the city. If you go deep within this poster, you can observe all these. Is the story linked to all these characters? An interesting tail awaits us, truly.

The Color Palette

An interesting choice of colors has been employed within this poster. While the tinge of green & blue dominates, the sprinkling of red and dark brown adds texture to the overall output. Indeed, a solid effort has gone behind designing this poster.