Critic’s Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

Whenever Yograj Bhat comes with a bunch of new faces, he strikes gold at the Box-Office. With Panchatantra, Vihaan Gowda and Sonal have got a good opportunity to showcase their skills on a bigger stage. Panchatantra is basically a cute love story set amidst the setup of a car rally. Having failed to deliver his best in his last few movies, does Yograj Bhat manage to get back to form? Let us find out.

On the outset, Panchatantra is a simple love story. The love story has its share of naughtiness‌, disappointment and laughs. However, the major chunk of the story belongs to the car-rally sequence. This part of the movie could have been disappointing, however, Yograj Bhat and his team have made sure that the car-rally segment has been shot beautifully to make it an asset for the film.

Vihaan Gowda and Sonal have utilized their opportunities to put up a good performance in Panchatantra. However, the highlight of the movie is Rangayana Raghu. His antics as a drunkard is a treat to watch. Coupled with Yograj Bhat’s dialogues, this character of Rangayana Raghu will be remembered for long.

Yograj Bhat is definitely back to his best with this movie. It seems the talented director has figured out what the audience expects from him and has delivered the same. Be it his witty dialogues, rhythmic dialogues or the underlying philosophies, Panchatantra is definitely one of Yograj Bhat’s better movies.

Music is interesting in the movie. It goes on well with the breeziness of the movie. Cinematography, especially, in the car rally sequence has been done well. The shots engage the audience and thrill them to the core. The editing could have been better as the film is a few minutes longer than it should have been.

On the whole, this film is a perfect weekend watch as Yograj Bhat is back to his best.