There are two kinds of films which are made. One, plot-driven and the other, character-driven. While the plot-driven movies require a very strong story to connect with the audience, in character-driven movies, it is the responsibility of the lead character to make the viewers relate to the character.

Sandalwood has seen both kinds of movies in the past and the same will continue in the future. However, one character role which has been successful in most of the other neighbouring industries has featured less in our industries and hence, our filmmakers must explore it more in the coming days. The role is that of a hero who has suffered a heartbreak.

Premam, Arjun Reddy, Majili, Jersey and 96 are a few successful movies which dealt with this aspect of a character. The notable addition to this list from Sandalwood has been only Kirik Party and Raajakumara in recent years. With this character becoming a success, here is why this has to be tried more in our industry.

A person suffering a heartbreak could be due to a variety of reasons. It could the loss of a loved one, love failure, a setback in the career or anything which sees a hero’s world coming apart. Such roles relate to the viewers in the best possible manner. Most of them who watch the movie have also gone through the same pain which makes them feel as if the character is one of their own. This reduces half the burden on the filmmaker who must try very hard to take the lead role to connect with the audience in other cases.

As seen in movies based on heartbreaks, there is ample scope which for all the aspects of a movie. Depending on how a character develops after a heartbreak, action, drama, emotion and even comedy could be introduced accordingly. That gives the director a variety of options to consider in his script.

Love stories which move the audience are very few in Sandalwood. Hence, a character who has suffered from a heartbreak could be the ideal option for our directors to consider in a love story if they make one in the future.