[sg_popup id=”4901″ event=”inherit”][/sg_popup]Already on its way to achieving the award milestones, Ondu Shikariya Kathe is all slated for a wide release on March 6th. The makers of the movie have recently released the trailer and here is a short review of the same.

Striking Visuals

Right from the word go, the visuals of this trailer will strike you. Be it the landscape or the indoor shots, the colours used & the lighting will impress you. Considering the movie is set in coastal Karnataka, a watch on the big screen is highly recommended.

Hunter, Writer, Actor and…..

Professions seem to be the foundation of the characters which trigger the drama and the conflicts in the story. This is surely a daring attempt and going by the trailer, the content does look promising and worthy enough for a visit to the theatres.

Several intriguing elements

Be it Pramod Shetty’s psychological issues, his attempts in the forest or the character of the old man in the trailer, director Sachin Shetty has filled the video with plenty of suspenseful elements which could draw the attention of the viewers.

On-point Star-Cast

While Pramod Shetty excels, as usual‌, Prasad Cherkady makes an impression in a crucial role. The other actors also are suitably cast and seem to have done a good job.

So, what we can we expect at the theatres?

Well, Ondu Shikariya Kathe is on the road to be the perfect film which would follow up the success of movies like Dia and Shivaji Surathkal at the box-office. However, OSK offers something unique compared to these films‌, and hence, Sandalwood viewers can experience a different feeling at the cinema halls.