Pramod Shetty, a character-artist that we all love, is playing the lead protagonist in the upcoming movie ‘Ondu Shikariya Kathe’, the teaser of which, was released recently. Directed by Sachin Shetty and bankrolled by Shetty Film Factory, the movie also co-stars Prasad Cherkady in a prominent role.

With the teaser already impressing the citizens, here is our take on the short video.

Money & a Hunt – Both on the same page

The speed of an animal running away from a hunter & a man running after money is the same, says Pramod Shetty’s character in the movie, in process, spilling the beans on what could be an interesting analogy on which this movie is based. This ‘line’ of the movie seems impressive and if the makers have woven a good story around it, our time at the theatres can be entertaining.

Interesting Characterisations

Probably for the first time in this generation has a lead character been modelled around the role of a ‘Hunter’. The scope to explore this profession is high & adds a cinematic value to the proceedings. Similarly, the other characters in the teaser also make a mark with their uniqueness,

The Beautiful Setting

Coastal Karnataka seems to be the backdrop of this movie and seriously, we don’t have any qualms about it. The terrific cinematography has accentuated the beauty of our state’s resources. Still, having doubts? Watch out for the last shot in the teaser & decide yourselves.

A ‘poetic’ BGM, may we call?

Might as well brand this ‘BGM’ as poetic. While the Yakshagana music seems dominant, there is also a literary feel to this BGM employed by the makers which seem new to our ears. This has raised expectations on what we could expect at the theatres.