After a dull period of a few years, Sandalwood is slowly on the rise with experimental and realistic movies being made very often. These movies have brought Kannada audience back to the theatres as the taste of the audience is slowly changing from regular commercial movies to films with content. The reason for this drastic change has been the work of a bunch of directors who have just made their mark in Sandalwood. Here are 5 of them who can take Sandalwood to the next level with their work in the coming years.

1. Pawan Kumar


Probably, Pawan Kumar can be considered as the man who initiated this positive change in Sandalwood with Lucia. Just 3 films old in KFI, Pawan is an inspiration to this generation of Kannada filmmakers who rely more on novelty and hence, Pawan is the candidate to bring back the former glory to Sandalwood.

2. Hemanth M Rao


This man is yet another addition to the growing list of new-age filmmakers in Sandalwood. His first two movies have been received well by the audience and Hemanth has already shown what he is capable of with Andhadun. Hemanth is surely one filmmaker who can fulfil the dearth of quality content produced in Karnataka.

3. Rishab Shetty

Rishab_Shetty Rudraprayaag

With his first few movies, Rishab has shown versatility with each of his movie belonging to different genres. He is someone who can satisfy a variety of sections of the audience and hence, Rishab can be counted upon to deliver fantastic movies in the future.

4. Prashant Neel


Just 2 movies and he is already a well-known name across the country. This man has no creative bounds as Prashant has delivered two massive hits by experimenting something in the commercial genre. His movies will be expected to be the top money-spinners in the future at the Sandalwood box-office.

5. Adarsh Eashwarappa


Despite scoring a critically acclaimed hit with his debut movie, Adarsh has taken a long time to come up with his second offering. That shows his commitment towards delivering a quality movie to the industry and this makes him one of the directors to look forward to in the future.

6. Janardhan Chikkanna


In his debut movie, Janardhan Chikkanna explored the incidents around cyber-crimes and weaved an entertaining and captivating drama with Gultoo. With his first film itself, the director showed a lot of maturities and hence, he will be one filmmaker to watch out for in the future.

7. Rakshit Shetty


If there was ever one award for the best film by a debutante in Sandalwood history, Rakshit would surely bag this trophy for Ulidavaru Kandanthe. A never-before-seen experience on screen made Rakshit earn several followers. If he picks up the megaphone again, it will indeed be a defining moment for Sandalwood.