Sandalwood is gradually turning out to be a haven for filmmakers trying out to dish out movies in the suspense thriller genre. Adding to this fast-increasing list, debutante Vinay Balaji has carved out the movie called ‘Nanna Prakara’ which has hit the theatres this weekend. Apart from the intriguing title, this film boasts of an impressive star-cast comprising the likes of Kishore, Priyamani, Mayuri and Niranjan Deshpande. Let us now find out if this flick managed to impress the audience with its thrilling content.

The movie starts with a dead woman’s body found in a charred car on a highway. Kishore is assigned with this case and he soon cracks this case by accusing the dead woman’s boyfriend as the prime suspect. However, it is only when he finds out that there were two more bodies in the charred car does the case takes an entirely new turn. The rest of the movie is about how Kishore unsolves the mystery of this case.

Apart from the disjointed screenplay, Vinay Balaji fails in creating suspense in the movie. He often confuses the audience with his ill-placed clues and also uses cinematic liberty very generously. Had he prepared his script a lot crisper, the outcome could have been different.

Kishore yet again proves why he is an absolute fit for such roles. He is in top form and will keep you engaged with his skills. Priyamani’s comeback is memorable as he gets a crucial role in this movie. Mayuri, in a movie-driving role, impresses too.

The other technical departments of the movie are in line with the plot of the movie. If they had been given a better script to work with, their contributions would have been noticed too.

Irrespective of its script fragilities, Nanna Prakara is a decent watch for the performances and the good production values. Head to this movie if you are a big-time fan of the thriller genre.