Anyone who came across the trailer of Mundina Nildana would have noticed one aspect. Or rather, the makers have made this aspect noticeable to the audience. Yes, it is the visuals of the movie. The trailer looked rich & refreshing in every frame, with the tone painted in a visually appealing way. The makers have carried on this to the entire movie as well.

Starring Praveen Tej, Radhika Chethan & Ananya Kashyap in lead roles, Mundina Nildana has been helmed by popular host Vinay Bharadwaj. Amidst decent expectations, the movie made its way to the theatres on Friday.

As mentioned earlier, the cinematography in this movie is stunning. It is befitting for the role that Praveen plays in this movie, a photographer. Praveen’s journey into this creative profession forms the crux of the movie. The two ladies add to the drama while it is the strong characters of the lead actors which develop the conflict.

Vinay has chosen a steady way of conveying his vision. It works to an extent considering the breezy way in which the plot moves forward. The visuals add a layer to the proceedings, thereby enriching the viewer’s experience. Music is also an important element for this movie, at the core of which is a love story.

All the three actors excel in their respective roles. They look good on screen and also emote well to connect with the audience. Certainly, filmmakers must make more use of these 3 individuals in the future.

Mundina Nildana is just the right movie which strikes a chord with the IT crowd and the youngsters. There are plenty of elements which woo them and if you are one among those, you cannot afford to miss this flick at the theatres.

Rating : 3.5