We have seen a lot of multi-starrers in the past in Sandalwood. However, the trend has decreased in recent times with only one notable multi-starrer (The Villain) having released in recent times.

With a lot of fan wars still prevalent in our state along with the fact that there are several mutual-fan groups in Sandalwood, our filmmakers should try and get these multi-starrers happening very soon in our industry.

Sudeep – Darshan

Sudeep Darshan together HD photo

The former best friends who are now not on talking terms have been the talking point in our industry in the past few years. However, their unique acting style along with their similar physique is something that can be utilized by our directors to carve out two good roles for these mass-heroes to act in a single movie.

Puneeth Raj Kumar – Upendra


Both these actors have got their distinct fan-bases. Their acting style is unique and the scripts they chose are also different. Hence, these two talented people acting in 1 movie could be something that our Kannada audience will wait long to watch it on screen.

Yash – Sri Murali


These two mass-heroes have got a lot of mutual fans in Karnataka. With terrific screen presence on offer by these actors, it would be interesting to see how they would look together on screen. Maybe, Prashant Neel is the perfect director to make that happen.

Shivraj Kumar – Ganesh


While one is known for the machete in hand, the other is known for a rose in his hand. Both these superbly talented gentlemen have tasted success in the initial stages of their career and are also similar in many other ways. If they are ready to come together for a movie, it will indeed be a movie to watch out for by our audience.

Sudeep – Rakshit Shetty


These two acting in 1 movie will be a feast not only to our industry but also the entire country. Known for their unique choice of scripts, Sudeep and Rakshit Shetty acting in a multi-starrer could take Sandalwood to the next level.