Gone are the days when Marketing and Promotions used to play a very minor role in the entire process of movie production. We have reached a stage where the budget for the filming of a movie is almost equal to the marketing budget of a movie. Unlike the previous era, people have more choices to seek entertainment from and if you want people to watch your movie, you need to draw them out of their couch.

We have seen several cases in the past wherein many movies have failed to do well at the box-office mainly because of the failure of their marketing department. This phenomenon has happened many times in Sandalwood too. Of course, the resources allocated to promotions could be lesser in our industry but many of the marketing teams have failed to use marketing medium or platforms which are almost free to use. And the planning which should go before the release of a movie has not been done well for many Sandalwood movies in recent times.

However, many of counterparts from other industries have gone a little ahead in this aspect. The market is on a steady rise as they have become truly aware of the fact that marketing and promotions could land them their break-even with ease. We see trailers released well in advance to the movie release and social-media platforms are used efficiently to give a bigger reach to their movies. Sandalwood needs to learn a trick or two from these industries.

Our trailers are released just a few hours before a movie release and the trailers are not given time to reach the audience. The same stands good with the audio jukeboxes too. At times, it feels as if there is no connection between the promotional material released ahead of a movie release as in most cases, they seem out of sync. Television interviews in selected channels are the only other effort made by the makers but this trend is a little out-dated too.

We have all seen how KGF Chapter 1 was a humongous success.  A major reason for that was the excellent promotion strategy adopted by the makers. Almost for a month before the movie’s release, KGF was a part of the conversation of almost every individual. Although other movies may not have the budget that KGF had, at least, in the coming days they can utilize the very affordable social-media platform and good planning to make the process more effective.

With the emergence of mediums like online streaming services and ticketing partners, movie promotions are a little easier to do nowadays. Sandalwood is definitely on the right-trick in terms of the content of the movies and if a little care is taken towards marketing, our industry would grow even higher.