A good Kannada movie amidst a slew of big-budget films is something which cannot be dismissed. Add to the fact that this movie has a woman as its lead protagonist, the urge to watch such a movie becomes higher. Mahira is an addition to this list.

Directed by debutante Mahesh Gowda, this flick has Virginia Rodriguez and Chaithra J Achar playing the leading roles. Although not the main character, Raj B Shetty’s role adds a unique texture to this film.

A retired undercover agent is on the run after an undesirable event takes place in her life. Now, she has to protect her daughter and also has a few scores to settle. While this may the one-line story for a regular Hollywood thriller, such stories are hardly told in India, let alone in Sandalwood.

Mahesh Gowda does use the cinematic liberties at times and conceives an engaging thriller which could have actually been a blockbuster. However, the script gets diluted at times and the overdose of emotional content makes the thriller lose its steam often.

Virginia Rodriguez makes a sensational debut with a strong character. She is surely our answer to Malashree’s absence in the industry. In Chaithra Achar, new talent has made her presence felt in the industry. Raj B Shetty is entertaining and gives the much-required push to the proceedings.

The movie could have definitely done better with much more investment and technical quality. However, all the technical departments did justice to the story.

Overall, Mahira is a fine attempt and is definitely worth a watch at the theatres.