An attire that is exclusive to our country, Lungi is also the saviour for many men and boys in testing circumstances. An experience that can be felt while being in a ‘Lungi’, especially in humid conditions is extremely pleasant and one has to be in it to feel it! And in a creative revolution that Sandalwood is undergoing, it is not surprising that an upcoming movie has been named, guess what, as Lungi!

Written and Directed by Arjun Lewis & Akshith Shetty and produced by Mukhesh Hegde under the Khaara Entertainment Banner, this movie stars Pranav Hegde along with Ahalya Suresh and Radhika Rao. The movie is slated for an October 11th release and the makers have recently released the trailer of the movie. Well, going by the trailer of this movie, it can be said that this film will not only be a defining moment for the industry but also to our favourite piece of cloth – The Lungi.

– Lungi Kannada Movie Trailer –


As the trailer promises, the movie is touted to be a romantic comedy, with oodles of comedy and breezy romance. However, as we come to the end of the trailer, the makers have cleverly left a thread that the main plot of this movie could be about the rise of a startup, and the product that the hero tries to sell could be Lungis. Connecting the dots to the title of the movie, this assumption seems to be justified.

Probably for the first time in the history of cinema, the movie has been titled with a type of Cloth and that has aroused curiosity about the movie. Add to it the possibility of a neatly made ‘coming of age’ story, the makers seem to have already got a winner on their hands.

Nevertheless, creating such hype despite being new to the industry, this team deserves a pat on their backs.