To grab the audience’s attention and attract them to the cinema hall, the title and the trailer of a movie are very essential. The team of ‘Lungi’ succeeded in both these aspects. While they chose an unconventional title for their product, the trailer that released a few weeks ago did make a solid impression.

‘Lungi’ has a straightforward story, told simply and humorously. Directors Akshith Shetty and Arjun Lewis have impressed with their style of narration.

A jobless graduate, Rakshit Shetty (Pranav Here) is intent on starting his own business to settle down in life. A guy who values cultural values tremendously, the idea of creating a brand of ‘Lungi’ comes across his mind. However, the lack of investors and his love for a neighbourhood girl all create confusion in the hero’s life. What happens next forms the crux of the story.

While the makers have picked a suitable subject for the debutante, the decision to stick with the Mangalore-style of diction is commendable. This adds a layer to the proceedings in the movie.

Pranav Hegde impresses on his debut. He looks good on screen and emotes well. Ahalya Suresh and Radhika Rao have done a fine job too.

Mangalore has been shown beautifully in the movie and the credit for this must go the skilful cinematographer. A few songs are sure to be remembered for a long time while the BGM has also been done well.

It is hard to get quality breezy romantic dramas these days and with the concept that the team of ‘Lungi’ has come out with, this movie is an option for this weekend.