Critic’s Rating: 3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

Directed by Raj Surya, Londonalli Lambodara has hit the theatres this Friday. With newcomers Santhosh and Big Boss fame Shruthi Prakash in the lead roles, Londonalli Lambodara also comprises an impressive star-cast in the form of Sampath Raj, Sadhu Kokila and Achyuth Kumar. With around 9 films releasing this weekend, let us find out if Lambodara’s antics in London impress the audience.

The lead character Lambodara is late in almost every aspect. He comes out late from his mother’s womb and takes extra time in completing his studies too. Although the director tried to conceive a few laughs using the late-Latif character, he fails to make it convincing.

Late Lambodara wants quick money in life and believing in his astrologer’s words, he travels all the way to London in search of a better life and a white woman as his wife. However, the turn of sequences makes him as the most-wanted man in London and the events which follow from the rest of the story.
Londanalli Lambodara has a clichéd storyline and banks on the London sequence of the movie to woo the audience to the theatres. However, the predictable storyline makes it hard for the audience to invest in the characters and the movie.

Santhosh has given an average performance in his debut campaign while Shruthi Prakash, who looks cute on-screen, has not got enough scope to showcase her acting skills. Sampath Raj is at his best as the astrologer in the movie. This character is a major plot point in the movie and is suitable aided by the ever-reliable Sadhu Kokila. Achyuth Kumar and Sudha Belawadi do justice as Lambodara’s parents.

The production quality does not look compromised in the movie and is a major attraction in the movie. Music and Cinematography are decent while the editing has been done in line with any movie of this genre.

On the whole, Londonalli Lambodara is a decent watch and if you are looking for some novelty, then this movie might not be for you.