Releasing on an auspicious day of the Varalaksmi Festival, Kurukshetra was promoted as the first-ever mythological film shot in 3D. Starring Challenging Star Darshan and a slew of other prominent Sandalwood actors, this movie was considered as the platform for showcasing the technical brilliance of Sandalwood filmmakers. The movie has released across the state today and lets us now find out if the flick did justice to its expectations.

Mahabharata and Ramayana are considered as the best stories in the entire universe. And for an industry that has given plenty of movies dealing with characters of both these epics, a story like Mahabharata told in Duryodhana’s perspective was definitely coming. Munirathna’s story does impress although his screenplay could have been better. Naganna has also done a good job in handling such a big subject.

With an actor with enormous mass-appeal like Darshan on board, the makers could have actually made the mistake of focussing a lot on his character. However, the film has given importance to the story and the other characters which leads to the development of Duryodhana’s character.

Darshan is fantastic in his role and it is hard to imagine any other actor in his place. Ravi Shankar, Ravichandran, Sneha, Arjun and Nikhil have all done justice to their roles and have helped in bringing out such a marvellous story.

Technically, the film could have done better with the graphics. A little more focus on this department and Kuruskhetra could have become a pan-India entertainer. The music complements the genre very well and a few songs are well-composed. A few unwanted scenes could have been trimmed by the editor.

Overall, if you are a Sandalwood fan addicted to the age-old mythological flicks, then this one is for you to spend the long weekend with.