Directed by AP Arjun, Kiss is the latest Kannada film to hit the theatres. Viraat and Sree Leela are playing the lead roles while there is a slew of other talented actors in the movie who are adept at entertaining you. Touted to be a ‘love story’ of this generation youth, the trailer of this flick has already made a mark with the netizens. Sandalwood has always been receptive to quality romantic dramas and let us now find out if this movie will be added to this list of well-made love stories.

‘Kiss’ has a simple story in place. Sree Leela damages the hero Viraat’s car and in order to pay him off, she becomes his assistant for a contracted period. As usual, they start developing feelings for each other and when Viraat decides to confess his love for the heroine, Sree Leela rejects his proposal. What happens next forms the rest of the story.

Although the story might seem underwhelming, AP Arjun cleverly places a number of sequences that serve as his opinion on the relationships of this era. This underlying philosophy could impress a few.

Despite being debutantes, both Viraat and Sree Leela impress in their first outing. The chemistry of the lead pair is convincing and entertains you at times. The rest of the cast is fine.

Music has been handled well for this film. While a few songs are outright catchy, the BGM makes an impact too. The DOP has justified the director’s vision with his work. The film seems long at times and the audience could feel that certain portions could have been chopped off.

Kiss is a blend of action, comedy, and romance; a combination that viewers looking for a good time at the theatres could fall in love with. Although the movie might disappoint on the outset, the proceedings will not bore you either. Hence, the decision to catch ‘Kiss’ on the big screen lies with you.