Critic’s Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

When this movie was announced, it had success written all over it. Being directed by the very talented Godhi Banna Saadharana Mykattu fame Hemanth M Rao and produced by the Power Star Puneeth Raj Kumar himself, Kavaludaari has Operation Alamelamma hero Rishi in the lead role. The trailer and songs released so far have created immense hype as the movie has hit the screens this Friday. Kavaludaari is an important film for Sandalwood and let’s now find out if the movie manages to fulfil its expectations.

The film starts off with a murder scene in the 1970s which forms the focal point of the story. A traffic cop badly wants a transfer to the crime department while there is an ex-inspector who is now retired and has turned into alcohol. What happens when they meet forms the crux of the story.

The murder which happened in the 1970s was not solved then and the same inspector who had handled the case crosses his path with the traffic cop who stumbles on this case. Both these join together and try to resolve the case as they are witness to a number of twists and turns in their journey.

Rishi as the unsatisfied traffic cop and Anantnag as the retired policeman are a treat to watch. They are deep into their roles which offers us a relatable experience at the theatres. The rest of the cast are impressive too as Achyuth Raj and Sampath Raj play important roles in the movie.

However, the movie belongs to the director who has also contributed to the screenplay. There are enough mystery elements which can keep the audience hooked and the neo-noir treatment to the film is very new to our industry. Hemanth’s decision to eliminate the commercial elements has also helped the movie. It was indeed a brilliant decision to give Hemanth the responsibility of directing the first movie under his banner.

Cinematography by Advaaith is very good and he has complemented Hemanth’s vision very well. The tone and the usage of colour is good and helps in making the movie more effective. Music by Charan Raj goes well in line with the movie and after a very long time in Kannada cinema, we see the music and BGM as something which has been made only keeping the story in mind.

Overall, Kavaludaari is an extremely worthy experience at the theatres. You will hardly feel disengaged from the happenings on screen and this movie could well be considered as the best in Sandalwood in this year so far.