A movie that has been in the headlines since the last few days, Katha Sangama, has made its way to the theatres this Friday. A Rishab Shetty Vision, Katha Sangama is an anthology, comprising 7 short stories directed by newcomers. The trailer was immense and here is a short review of this movie.

This movie is a myriad of different emotions, all universal in nature. All the stories have different styles of narration, with each of them keeping you engaged and also emotionally involved at the same time.

Rainbow Land, Sathya Katha Prasanga, Girgitle, Utthara, Paduvarahalli, Sagara Sangama and Lacchavva are the seven short films inside this anthology. The time-lines & geographical locations differ in all these stories , thereby making it for a vivid experience at the theatres.

As a tribute to the legendary Puttanna Kanagal, Rishab Shetty could not have put forth a better movie. This film excels in capturing human emotions and it is a must-watch for the Sandalwood audience.

Terrific actors are on display in this flick and all of them have stayed true to their skills with an extraordinary performance. However, the debutante actress in Lacchavva stands out as the best performer.

Production values are uncompromised , with a rich feel showcased in each visual. Music has been handled well and the essence of conveying emotions in the right way became successful. The run-time of each of the short film is also to the point.

Sandalwood has been yearning for quality content and by no means can the viewers afford to miss this flick at the theatres. If only Rishab can promise us of a sequel, our day would get even better.