Anthology. A word that has flooded our social media posts in the last couple of days. Everyone is talking about it and wanting to experience the same. Reason – The impending release of Rishab Shetty’s Katha Sangama – considered as the first anthology to be made in Sandalwood in this generation.

So, what is this genre all about? Here is a short FAQ covering all the questions you might have about this interesting genre.

What is the meaning of ‘Anthology’?

Anthology is basically a movie genre wherein multiple short movies are showcased in a single screening. These short plots could either merge at the end or be told with a common theme in mind.

What are the usual variants of this genre?

Although this genre has not been subcategorized, we can still observe a few patterns in Anthologies. Like in Katha Sangama, they could deal with stories happening in different setting where the stories would not merge. On the other hand , we could have anthologies in which stories are shown happening simultaneously and usually reach a common point at the end. Nevertheless, any Anthology is usually made around a common theme or idea.

Has Sandalwood dealt with the genre before before?

Of course, it has. Puttanna Kanagal’s Katha Sangama in 1976 was probably Sandalwood’s first attempt at this genre. After this movie, very few flicks falling in this genre have been made in Sandalwood. Hopefully, Rishab Shetty’s Katha Sangama could start this trend in KFI.

So, what can we expect from such movies at the theatres?

Small stories, which are usually are not translatable to the feature length are stitched together to form an Anthology. Hence, we can expect multiple characters, locations, settings & situations to savour in one sitting at the theater. Like in Katha Sangama 2019, we can expect many geographies, slang and cultures of different parts of Karnataka combined which something that is not achievable in a regular movie.