Rishab Shetty’s Katha Sangama is prepping for a release soon. There are high expectations surrounding this movie, considering that it is a tribute to legendary director Puttanna Kanagal. Also, the fact that this movie is one of the first anthology movies of this generation makes it all the more exciting to be a Sandalwood fan at the moment.

The trailer of this movie is ready to rage YouTube on November 4th and here are 5 things that we can expect from this prelude to the movie.

Relation to Puttana Kanagal’s version

Of course, comparisons would start the minute Katha Sangama 2019 Trailer goes live. The 1976 version was a classic and how Rishab and his team could have handled the latest version is a matter of interest.


Music usually sets the tone of the movie. With 7 Music Directors on board, the BGM and any form of music within the trailer is keenly awaited by the audience.

Rishab Shetty’s look

As seen from the posters, Rishab’s look in this movie is intriguing and to be honest, a bit frightening too. Will we get to see him utter a few dialogues in the trailer? Well, we can only wait until November 4th to know that.

The Release Date

Avane Srimannarayana is arriving on December 27th. Sandalwood’s release schedule is jampacked until then. So, when will Rishab release his movie? We can expect this in the trailer.

Will we have a voiceover?

Most of the anthologies carry a common theme between all the stories. However, to connect them, we need a solid bridge between the gaps. Especially in the trailer, this becomes all the more important. So, can we expect a voiceover in the trailer? If so, it could be one of the big stars of Sandalwood donning this responsibility.