350 Crores Budget. Top Action Choreographers. A bundle of talented actors. Extensive Promotions. And of course, Prabhas in a lead role. Well, this could have been the perfect recipe for a humongous blockbuster. However, as things seem to be, the makers of Saaho have failed to utilize this in their movie.

The hype around the movie does not seem to have helped either as the flick is on its way to becoming an embarrassing disappointment. The incoherent screenplay, Mediocre VFX, Minimal acting skills and over-the-top action scenes. All these factors have led to a bad talk for this movie and hence, could serve a timely reminder for the production houses who are trying to achieve something similar in the future.

Yes, it was a daring attempt by the producers of Saaho to hire a 1-film-old director to handle such a big project. However, there was too much at stake and an experienced filmmaker could have made a better film with the resources in hand. Not discouraging Sujith, UV Creations could have thought more about the script than means of trying to utilize the new-found pan-India image of their lead hero.

Saaho took a similar path taken by Baahubali to reach the Bollywood audience. However, as seen in recent times, even Hindi films made on large scales such as Thugs of Hindusthan and Bharat have been rejected by the audience for lack of a good story. Hence, the makers could have been more careful with differentiating the visual output and the output that it amalgamates to.

South Indian flicks such as Sye Raa and KGF Chapter 2 could be the next in line to have a big Bollywood release. Saaho’s mistake of not looking much into the story could help them devise on a plan to prepare their movies better.