Yash aka Naveen Kumar Gowda is a name which is now synonym with the Kannada Film Industry. After the magnanimous success of KGF Chapter 1, the entire country is now looking towards Sandalwood and Yash is at the centre of it. It should be noted that around a decade ago, Yash was still a struggling actor and this steep rise in popularity is a product of his hard work and determination.

This switch in his fortunes is the perfect inspiration for aspiring actors who want to make it big in the movie world. Born into a middle-class family where his father was a bus driver, Yash always had big dreams for himself. He joined a theatre group after his education reached a level and starred in a few television soaps. Yash then made an entry to the big-screen business as a supporting actor. He then bagged lead roles under big productions and impressed with his acting skills, Kannada audience soon started calling him as the Rocking Star.

The star material that he is, Yash is now also a face which is popular across the country. His work in KGF Chapter 1 was highly appreciated and it is not long before he reaches wider horizons. With so much achieved in so little time, Yash can be considered as a true role model for the future of Sandalwood.
In an era where wearing the greasepaint does not happen without a godfather, Yash has reached to insurmountable heights coming to the industry alone. He started off where most aspiring actors do and has done the unthinkable with his determination. Yash has seen both the ends of being an actor and hence if there is someone who can inspire a wave of youth, it has to be this man.