We might have heard this term plenty of times with reference to movies. However, if you are not aware of what exactly this means, here is the Wikipedia definition of the term.

‘Dark movie, indicating something sinister and shadowy, but also expressing a cinematographic style’

Now that you are aware of its meaning, let us talk about this genre with reference to the Kannada Film Industry.

While neo-noirs have been present in Indian cinema for a while, Sandalwood got a true taste of this genre with the movie ‘Upendra’. We all know how successful this movie was and after this movie, we did get a few more flicks of this genre made in Sandalwood.

However, as things stand, Sandalwood produces some of the best cinema conceptualized in the neo-noir way and it might not be a surprise if our industry can be termed as the focal point of such movies in the country. While the likes of Ulidavaru Kandanthe and Lucia impressed us big-time in the recent past, Kavaludaari was breathtaking in the year 2019. The list does not stop as we have movies such as Vrithra which released in recent weeks. Upcoming movie Shivaji Surathkal, a Sandalwood rehash of the Sherlock Holmes series also falls into this genre.

The new-age filmmakers seem to have found a niche with this style, thereby making more movies fall in this genre. While this is a good sign, it must also be made sure that they do not over-do it, which can lead to repeatability and eventually to failure.

However, comparing such flicks being churned out in the other industries, Sandalwood has better content and quality and we can safely call our industry as the capital of neo-noirs in India.